Friday, 25 October 2013

A "Dwelling" is an "Hereditament" NOT "domestic property"...

The CRIMINAL corporate councils have been using a definition in law that excludes ANYONE who lives in "private domestic property" from paying the unlawful Council Tax!

"If we are not mistaken it would appear that the only property liable to Council Tax is a ‘Dwelling’ and a ‘Dwelling’ is not Domestic Property, a ‘Dwelling’, it would appear is a ‘hereditament’.
The above are not my “opinions” they are the LAW as it is ‘interpreted’ by Parliamentarians, Judges, the Courts and all agents of the Government including Bolton Council.
It would appear that a hereditament in respect of Domestic Property is a Domestic Property that part only is used, wholly or mainly, for the running of a commercial  business for profit, or, a charitable concern, or, a room used for the local prospective candidates for Public meetings, or, exhibition advertising signs, or, storage of plant and machinery, indeed anything but DOMESTIC PROPERTY used wholly for LIVING ACCOMMODATION."

Council Tax - Legal?

The Court Case part 2

There can only be one conclusion. The corporate councils are acting FRAUDULENTLY, and therefore CRIMINALLY, when forcing the unlawful Council Tax upon ANY private domestic property!

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