Thursday, 13 June 2013

STOP paying Council Tax for corporate council PAEDOPHILES!

ANOTHER paedophile resigns from a corporate council executive?
Is there some kind of inter-council paedophile organisation? Do the many seriously CORRUPT council executives around the country coordinate with each other?

Is abuse acceptable to corporations that run councils, the media, government, our precious utilities, and all other aspects of the Public Trust? Why are so many perverts being exposed in Public Office?

Even leading members of the government are named paedophiles!

Stealing children MUST BE STOPPED!

There is no question that paedophilia and perversion is NOT acceptable in Public Office. When local corporate Social Services (SS) take children for VAST profits for the courts, police, SS, foster care, and others, then the same councils are guilty of Misappropriation of Public Funds and Misuse of Public Office and should be immediately removed from any Public Office and prosecuted!

The best way to send a clear message to the FRAUDULENT corporate councils and government (Trustees of the Public Trust with ABSOLUTE obligation to serve the Beneficiaries), that their behaviour is unacceptable, is to STOP PAYING TAXES!

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