Friday, 7 June 2013

Council Tax - the court costs SCAM!

So Council Tax Is Not A Scam?

"Please also note that the cost of having the court issue this warrant is £39.00. Now what this council have allegedly been doing is charging the people issued with this warrant £39.00 each in court costs! I don’t know about you but this is a nice little earner and amounts to a profit of £269,100!"

Corporate councils are operating a HUGE SCAM for profit, using FAKE 'authority' of 'public office' whilst collecting for private-for-profit corporations and their profits! This is a SCAM of monumental proportions and ALL those involved know perfectly well that non-legally qualified personnel are issuing fines totally contrary to the Law. That alone makes them CRIMINALS and liable for prosecution!
Needless to say, NO ONE should be paying a penny to these CRIMINALS!

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