Friday, 21 June 2013

Freud commits Fraud...

'Lord' David Freud, an unelected minister, clearly believes that he has no accountability to the Beneficiaries of the Public Trust!
" ‘Where it is found that a local authority has redesignated properties without reasonable grounds and without reducing rents, my department would consider either restricting or not paying their housing benefit subsidy.’"
This pompous man, who enjoys substantial paid expenses from Public Funds, who is committing FRAUD by not serving the Public Trust Beneficiaries and attempting to deprive them of their rightful 'benefits', deserves to be sacked immediately!
When hundreds of thousands of Beneficiaries of the Public Trust STOP PAYING Council Tax, until the FRAUDULENT corporations that are profiting from Public Funds while services are being cut, are removed from any further administration and ALL councils are solely administered by sworn Public Servants!

As 'Lord' Freud knows perfectly well, Misuse of Public Office and Misappropriation of Public Funds are both serious CRIMINAL offences at Common Law, subject to prosecution and imprisonment!

When enough Beneficiaries of the Public Trust STOP PAYING ANY (voluntary) TAXES and DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY, the rotten corporate system will collapse and have to be replaced with a proper and Lawful system!

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