Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Newham council - a VERY 'rotten borough'!

Newham council are rotten to the core! They have borrowed so much money via private high interest loans that the local inhabitants are paying most Council Tax for the interest on the loans! Newham councillors are mostly criminals who are working directly for private interests and against the interests of local people!


This discussion will leave any listener with no doubt at all:

The inhabitants of Straford & the rest of Newham are paying for private bank profits and private pensions via their Council Tax payments. NONE of the inhabitants' Council Tax payments goes to any Public Services at all! In fact, with 30% of Council Tax going to private pensions, there is a shortfall of 10% that has to be covered by central government funds. This scandal will not go away and ALL inhabitants should be made aware so that they can understand why not to pay another penny!

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