Sunday, 18 June 2017

Kensington and Chelsea Council - a Criminal corporation!

It appears that private-for-profit Kensington and Chelsea Council are chiefly to blame for the Grenfell tower disaster:

1996: KCTMO founded
1997: Labour elected
2002: KCTMO becomes one of the first of new Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMO)
2004: Fire safety begins to be neglected (according to 2012 fire service report)
2009: Amidst tenant disquiet over the way the TMO's being managed, Robert Black is hired as new chief exec promising to preside over a "culture of change" and saying he will listen to tenants. Over the next eight years allowances and senior salaries are increased significantly, his own wage rises by 36%.
2009: Labour cuts central government funding
2009: Lakanal House fire
2010: Tories elected, begin period of austerity cutting fire services and council funding
2011: K&C Council one of richest boroughs in Britain, sitting on £170m cash pot
2011: Grenfell Tower Leaseholder’s Association pitches for major improvements, especially to insulation which is "1/3 of all service costs at Grenfell" and for fixes to the "dangerous heating system."
2012: Fire Brigade warns Grenfell is unsafe
2013: Tenants complain that Grenfell is a fire trap
August 2013: A £9.7m joint council/TMO refurbishment announced – without fire safety improvements but with insulation-related works, including windows and cladding (which turns out to be flammable).
2014: Grenfell tenants stonewalled on how refurb money is being disbursed
2014: Grenfell Action Group lodges formal complaint over lack of consultation over homes modernisation
2014: Two local fire stations close
2015: Residents confront council meeting and are told councillors are "well aware" of refurb problems
2016: Grenfell Action Group warns catastrophic fire likely
Nov 2016: TMO says fire safety "publicity" has been handed out at Grenfell and "progress has been made with the installation programme of hard-wired automatic smoke alarms in tenanted dwellings."Bid was being prepared for funding from Fire Brigade's Community Safety Initiative.
2017: Catastrophic fire at Grenfell, unknown death toll

The inhabitants of Kensington & Chelsea should be carefully considering their positions now. Do they support the corporate council with further payments of Council Tax and Business Rates, funds which largely go to central government, a group of bribed, corporate paedophiles, that take decisions that have taken hundreds of British lives and ruined hundreds more families? None of these Criminals should receive a penny, in fact all should be arrested pending prosecution for what amounts to criminal negligence, manslaughter and even deliberate murder!

Time to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

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