Sunday, 13 April 2014

Councils spending millions on "pseudoscience"...

The CRIMINAL corporate councils spend millions when they want to. How can they not have enough for basic Public Services and yet simultaneously have millions to spend on vague and nonsense schemes?
Why do councils have enough for corporate promotions and shareholder dividends for the various administrative corporations (such as Capita, SERCO, etc) but not for the 'inhabitants' of the county who pay for it all?

When we know that councils have TWO sets of accounts; one set that they present to the 'public' to create consent to pay local taxes, and another set that is the true accounting of ALL the county's income and expenditure. The second set of accounts are secret. They include ALL the pensions, the investments, the 'private' income streams, the expenses for executives and managers, the Common Purpose courses, the corporate promotions and expensive corporate events, the income from PCNs and other 'fines' and from issuing council liability orders.
NOW is the time for more whistleblowers to come forward and TELL THE TRUTH!

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