Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Private corporate councils and private corporate courts = FRAUD

The absolute SCANDAL of corporate councils NOT serving the Public that they MUST serve!
Councils are using Bulk Courts (already established as being unlawful AND illegal and in FRAUD) to take even more money from the Beneficiaries of the Public Trust, and DELIBERATELY MISLEADING the people that they summoned to their ILLEGAL private courts! Not only that but they are deliberately and CRIMINALLY issuing fake 'liability orders', charging fees on their privately (ILLEGAL) issued summonses and warrants and their policies of intimidation and harassment (ILLEGAL) to make their profits!

"thousands of residents in Southwark with little or no income have since been required to pay an extra 15 percent of their council-tax bill."


As has been PROVEN, the corporate councils are using private courts to make hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra income for their private-for-profit. What is WORSE is that the private-for-profit corporate councils are enforcing new legislation that was made up specifically to criminalise the majority and penalise the poor, despite being able to oppose central government! As the Local Government Act 1888 clearly states: "The county council of an administrative county shall have the same powers of opposing Bills in Parliament, and of prosecuting or defending any legal proceedings necessary for the promotion or protection of the interests of the inhabitants of the county":

Clearly, the executives of the corporate councils have little integrity and are willing to commit CRIME, by definition, in order to profit from Public Funds!

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