Monday, 15 January 2018

Crooked Corporate Councils & their investments in the arms trade

Most councils and their corrupt pension funds are heavily invested in the arms trade. The same councils are receiving vast sums from illegal wars, illegal invasions, illegal arms dealing and other illegal activities.

3 in 5 UK councils invest in cluster bomb manufacturers
Including these West Midlands councils, profiting from bombing children in Yemen!

Local councils have over £300million invested in BAE

UK weapons companies have made £6bn from Saudi Arabia since it started bombing Yemen

Some councils have withdrawn their investments from the arms trade

ALL habitants of counties can demand to know what companies the local council and its pension fund(s) are invested in. ALL councils that have any part of their pension funds invested in the arms trade are breaking the Law at national and international levels, by definition! Payment of Council Tax to any corporate council that has any connection to the arms trade is obviously complicity in their crimes!

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