Monday, 14 August 2017

Bristol City Council - a TRULY 'rotten borough'!

While Bristol City Council raises Council Tax again, the truth about Bristol UA borrowing over £120 million at high interest rates, from private banks, is emerging. The "Unusable Reserves" of Bristol CC are yet to be published, but some observant inhabitants are bound to find out the levels of the elaborate fraud that Bristol CC has been involved in!

The Section 151 Officer (Chief Financial Officer of the council) and their entire department are involved in 'fiddling the accounts' to show quite different figures than the truth.

Bristol area inhabitants will be wondering why they should pay a single penny in Council Tax, when so much goes to the interest on private debts, to private pensions, to private expense accounts, to 6-figure incomes of their executives, and while imposing the fraud of "austerity" upon those that pay for it all!

Bristol City inhabitants will also be wondering why such a wealthy city, which can afford to spend millions on paragliding and cinema visits for its staff, has to impose the blatant fraud of 'austerity' upon those it is sworn to serve!

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