Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ALL Council Tax is Discretionary by definition!

With the FACT that all Council Tax is subject to a yearly contract, whereby the FRAUDULENT corporate council sends out their paperwork as an 'offer to contract', the "residents" and "occupiers" fill in and return the paperwork and become in agreement with the terms that were offered, it becomes clear that ALL Council Tax is Discretionary and NOT Obligatory! The Local Government Finance Act 1992 clearly states that only a "Dwelling" is liable, and that a "Dwelling" is not Domestic property. Which means that when locals insist that they are Inhabitants and NOT "residents" or "occupiers", they cannot possibly be Lawfully OR Legally liable to pay!

As this White Rabbit video explains, ALL Council Tax is Discretionary:

When the majority of Inhabitants of council areas become aware that the corporate councils do NOT have any force of law behind their demands, are private corporations that impose their 'rules & regulations' upon those that accept the Legalese titles of "resident" or "occupier", and are conning local people out of their hard-earned money and assets to pay for bankruptcy, private loans and private pensions, they will probably want to withhold further payments. When they do so in large numbers, the corporate councils will have to change their rotten & criminal, unlawful & undemocratic system (that has ruined millions of lives), or face total collapse and prosecution!


  1. The thieving SNP have just put mine up by 21.5% yes 21.5%,that's £333 pounds!!

  2. The thieving SNP have just put mine up by 21.5% yes 21.5%,that's £333 pounds!!

  3. I got sent a red letter from colchester cou cil saying i had to pay the years tax yet moved out of the colchester borough how is that even legal and hows that make me liable and how can i put it in writing that there wrong not gettin a penny