Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Council 'Social Services' are directly involved in CHILD ABUSE!

Regardless of political affiliation, councils around the country are run by private-for-profit corporations. The 'contracts' to run the councils were agreed by members of ALL political parties!
One group of private companies in local councils are known as 'Social Services'. They have been stealing children for their private profits, working together with the secret Family Courts and Police, to access the private accounts created by the Registration of Live Birth of children by their parents. Every year 20,000 children go missing in Britain. Every year over a thousand young children go missing from council-run care homes. MOST of these children are NEVER seen again. They disappear because they are murdered and buried in unmarked graves or bodies destroyed. They are murdered because they are witnesses to the paedophile rings being run by politicians, judges, lawyers Social Services members, police, priests, by Masonic groups, by international groups, etc.
ALL councils have been involved in this abuse and fraud for decades. Not all council staff are involved, but many are involved in covering-up the abuse and protecting the paedophiles.
Enough is enough!


It is time to STOP PAYING Council Tax to the CRIMINAL & FRAUDULENT councils, and demand that they do their jobs and Serve The Public!

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