Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bournemouth Borough Council - ANOTHER 'Rotten Borough'!

Bournemouth Borough Council, as with councils across the country, Unlawfully & Illegally signed away the control of Public Assets, Public Funds and spending, pensions, investments, Council Tax & Business Rates collection, administration and enforcement, in 2010.
"At the stroke of a pen, four council departments and all the staff who worked within them were transferred from the council to Mouchel in 2010.
The 10-year outsourcing deal would create jobs, make massive savings and transform the way the council works, it was claimed.
But at the halfway point, the council has confirmed there has been little public scrutiny of the £150million deal because they have “not felt the need”."

Which means that Bournemouth Borough Council is a PRIVATE company! Which in turn means that ALL Council Tax (non-commercial/Domestic) is, by definition, subject to agreement/contract. This is by definition in Law and cannot be changed. Which means that ANY submission of accounts and 'agreement to pay' is the consent to contract. Without any return of completed accounts, without registration for the benefits, without agreement of liability (ie. accepting liability for the Legal Fictional title), there is NO LIABILITY to pay Council Tax!

Bournemouth folk will be concerned that a French private-for-profit company is 'creaming-off' large sums of precious Public Funds during a time of 'austerity' and cuts in Public Spending. Many will be concerned that this 'sale' of Public Administration amounts to the serious crime of Treason!

It turns out that Bournemouth Borough Council is no stranger to scandal.
"Adrian Fudge, a Lib Dem and former deputy council leader, accused the council of "playing with public money"."

All of which means that Bournemouth Borough Council is rotten to its core and should be replaced. Any councillors and council staff who took part in the signing-away of Bournemouth Borough Council's administration to Mouchel should be investigated and prosecuted for their criminal activities and should be forced to hand back ALL Public Funds that they have received in the last 5 years, including their private pensions!

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