Sunday, 8 February 2015

Harrogate Borough Council - ANOTHER 'rotten borough'!

Harrogate Borough Council and the £4-billion nationwide Council Tax SCANDAL
Legally speaking "Council Tax cannot be charged on Holiday Home Statics because Council Tax is payable only on Statics that are the Sole/Main Residences of the occupants."
However, "HBC has unlawfully charged a little over £10 million (58 x 174,000 = 10,092,000) over the past four years alone."

As we know, 30-50% of ALL Council Tax nationally goes to private council pensions, which is undeclared in the accounts submitted to each household, and councils are also using further amounts to pay vast expenses accounts, interest on debts, and are 'investing' large sums of Public Funds in attempts to get larger returns. Another substantial amount of local Public Funds has been spent on 'redundancy packages' and bribes to stop whistleblowers exposing the whole CRIMINAL & FRAUDULENT system!
When people know about the FRAUD it is their duty to expose it and to STOP PAYING Council Tax!

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