Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Council Tax Challenge Part 1 Where is the evidence?

Council Tax Challenge Part 1 Where is the evidence?
"There is NO Law that a man or a women has to pay Council Tax. They issue this against your LEGAL FICTION which is not you."


When a council addresses you as "Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms" they are addressing the Legal Fiction, the 'person', which is a 'corporation', a 'corpse', something dead, a body with no living soul and no voice, subject to corporate 'rules & regulations'. They use the 'Capitus Maximus' system to get humans to admit being the Legal Fiction and thereby admit liability for the 'debts' of the 'person'. The title ("Mr/Ms...") denotes a position within a corporation. To force a human being to accept the title, the position, the liability, is the crime of "Enticement to Slavery" and anyone forcing this upon another is to be regarded as a dangerous criminal at large, whether from the police, bureaucracy, judiciary, or any other area of Public Service.
Further explanation can be found here:

Council Tax is a CORPORATE SCAM! There is NO law that says any domestic property is liable to pay it!

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