Friday, 21 November 2014

UK councils at risk of collapse

"Half the UK’s local councils are at risk of collapse, the government’s official auditor has said, warning that one in six may be unable to provide basic services this year."

No wonder so many councils are "at risk of collapse" - they're paying their executives far more than central government members!
Why is there no accountability when they receive so much Public Funds? Why do they get copper-bottomed pensions at the end of their tenure of selling-off public assets, contracting with private companies for Public Services, giving the administration of Public Funds to private corporations, and cutting back on vital Public Services? This type of obvious CORRUPTION & FRAUD will not go away until the majority of people act decisively!

The current ConDemAll government is deliberately destroying our elected local government by imposing legislation and taxation that is inherently unfair and even unlawful. Many will conclude that this is being implemented so as to create the situation for EU Regional Councils to take over the running of Britain. While many councils have sought to assist their residents with problems with their Council Tax and Bedroom Tax and by continuing provision of vital Public Services, such councils are often penalised for doing so.
As is well known, the majority of council funds come from Business Rates that are collected by private-for-profit administrative corporations (Capita, SERCO, Southwest One Ltd, etc), and sent straight to central government for redistribution, whilst actual Council Taxes are primarily for private profits, expenses and pensions! The government is therefore withholding funds collected from counties/boroughs and using the same funds for their own corruption, military spending, corporate subsidies, EU payments, interest on borrowing, bankster bonuses, payments to Israel, pay-offs for whistleblowers in councils and NHS, cover-ups of paedophile rings, and so on...
Eventually, councils may realise that they are being ripped-off and decide to defend themselves and their people. As long as councils continue to implement central government rules against the rights and freedoms of the people they are supposed to serve, then the people should STOP PAYING Council Tax!

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